Patio de los Leones
Street in the Albayzin

Granada is located in a privileged geographical position which is characterized by great contrasts: situated in the middel of a fertile plain and surrounded by the Sierra Nevada.

The Roman Granada was located in the area of the Albaicin, which was known as "Alcazaba Qadina in the Islamic epoch. The Arabic presence in the city has caused that the name of Granada is associated with the
magnificance of Al Andalus. The last evidence of the western Islam was the Nazari-Kingdom of Granada, which lasted two and a half centuries and ended on the 2. January of 1492, thereby putting an end to the existence of a hispanic Islam.

The Christian tradition of the city is connected with the figure of the Catholic Kings an dthe emperor Charles 1.

The Christian, Arabic, Jewish and Gipsy are vivid prints mixed throughout the history. The
century.lasting superposition of different cultures is visible in all aspects of daily life in the Granada of today.