Córdoba is a captivating city, with the Cathedral/Mezquita , whose characteristics are unique in Europe: a splendid Mezquita into which a Cathedral with gothic, plateresque and baroque elements is built; with surprising light- and colour-effects and almost a thousand columns.

The Alcázar of the Christian Kings is a building of military character, where wonderful gardens, caliphal bathes and ogival domes can be admired.

It is believed that the Emperor Augustus ordered the construction of the "Puente Romana", the Roman Bridge, consisting of 16 archs; on one end is the "Torre Fortaleza de la Calahorra", and on the other the "Arco del Triunfo".

The Medina Azahara, whose construction was ordered by Abd al-Ramán 3., sometimes lodged until 12000 people. All members of the caliphate resided there.

The "Calleja de las Flores"(the lane of flowers) is one of the most visited streets and of extraordinary beauty, from a small square the minaret of the Mezquita can be seen.

Torre de Mezquita
Interior de la Mezquita