The village of Z˙jar is situated in the north-west of the province of Granada. It is an agricultural and cattle-raising village, where the typical landscape of fertile plains mixes with the steppe and surprising because of its hills which, together with the quality of the soil gave the people the possibility to excavate caves to live, especially from the 16.century on.

There, the caves are usual places to live, outstanding for their architectual originality as well as their exterior aspect, white-washed, with the typical chimneys, sticking out of the earth and the landscape full of contrasts, where we will have the impression
of being in another epoch where the time is standing still.

In the caves, the temperature is constant and nice all over the year, which creates a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere.

This ensemble of caves creates a surprising etnical atmosphere together with the nature and the human works.

The decoration is composed of the traditional agricultural tools, implements for house-work and ancient furniture.

Exterior Cueva

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