This is an area which, due to its geographical and meteorological characteristics, forms an incomparable habit for being in touch with nature.

This trip goes along and through the river which flows through a landscape of great ecological value, with wild mountains parting the river, narrowed between
gigantic walls of lime stone which have formed narrow gorges and cliffs where the water precipitates beautiful waterfalls and forms pools and ponds of
cristalclear and quiet water where we will be able to bathe.

We will be immersed in a flora consisting of honeysuckle, thyme, marjoram, rosemary...which impregnate the route with a special, natural scent.

The fauna is varied, with a great ornithological richness, protected reptiles, black vultures, wild boars and wild goats.

We will walk through winding valleys with steep slopes, surrounded by green plantations of subtropical fruits such as mangos, medlars, avocados and chirimoyas.