The Torcal is the ideal place to observe the corrosive effects that water and the climate have on limestone, and to value the demonstrations of the Karstic Model.
An oneiric, surrealistic place where our imagination makes us see different images modelled in the stone. This natural place is comlpeted by the richness of
fauna and flora.

The most important megalithic group of Europe can be found in Antequera; the "Dolmen of Menga" is the oldest one. Impressive blocks of stone were
transported from quarries to give shape to these initial architectual proofs of mankind.

The "Golden Age" of Antequera was during the epoches of Renaissance and Baroque; due to the presence of nobility and religious orders, beautiful buildings
such as "la Real Colegiata de Santa María la Mayor" and the churches "iglesia de San Sebastian" , "iglesia del Carmen" and " iglesia los Remedios" were built.