calle tipica

The Alpujarras have preserved their beauty and mystery. Their customs and traditions, the way of living and their physiognomy belong to another epoch; a sequence of different landscapes with small villages which are situated in slopes or quiet valleys.

This region still is a special, magical piece of land, with a cultural as well as natural variety that is unique. In all parts of the Alpujarras, a great variety of microclimates, fauna and flora can be found.

The Islamic population, called "Al- Andalus", has deeply influenced this region; the expulsion of the Moorish gave way to Christian repopulations; since then the Alpujarras have preserved their own, special history.

Historical personalities and events, together with the existing natural elements, have given way to their traditions, faith, art, celebrations and festivals, music and dances, the rich weaftmanship, and, above all, the special architecture of its villages which is based on an architectural concept that is unique.

The richness and variety of the agriculture is the basis for the production of typical meals, wine and sweets.